What is a Register of Actions (ROA)?

  • The Register of Actions is composed of filing and scheduling information for a specific case.
  • An example of a filing would be the filing of a complaint, petition, or motion.
  • An example of scheduling information would be a hearing date, time, and department.

Where can I find the ROA for Civil or Probate cases?

How can I find ROA information on a specific case?

  • You can use the Case Search by providing a valid case number.
  • You can perform a Party Name Search to look for a party in the case.
  • You can perform a Date Search to look for a case filed on a specific day.

What information is available on the Small Claims ROA?

  • Summaries of the case details, parties, scheduled hearings, and summary of filings.
  • See more questions and answers on imaged cases below.

Is the ‘Entry Date’ on the ROA the filed date for documents filed with the Court?

  • In most but not all instances, the entry dated is the filed date. The written text entry often shows the date the document was filed with the Court. If not, the document itself (on the ROA, if available, or in the case file) may have to be reviewed to verify the filing date.

When are new data and documents available on the ROA?

  • Data which includes search results and case Register of Actions information are updated almost immediately upon entry into the case management system and are available on the ROA.

How do I select a document for purchase?

  • Use the Case Search, Party Search, or Date Search to find the case you want.
  • In the Register of Actions, if a document is available for purchase, a checkbox to the right of the Event Type/Comments section will be available.
  • Simply select the checkbox and click the 'Add to Cart' button at the bottom of the screen to place the document requested in the Shopping Cart.

Is there a fee for viewing information and documents on the ROA?

  • Viewing or printing the case details, parties, scheduled hearings, and summary of filings is free.
  • Viewing, downloading, or printing the documents available on the ROA is not free.
  • For each document, the cost is calculated as follows: $1.00 per page for the first 5 pages, $0.40 for each additional page, with a maximum of $50.
    • Note: As case documents are imaged via an automated system, they may occasionally include blank pages. The document download fees are assessed based on the total number of pages in the document, image including blank pages.
  • The downloading of ROA documents online for Government agencies and persons with fee waivers is not available at this time.

What types of payment does the Court accept?

  • Visa or MasterCard for online purchases.

Can I view the documents I purchase at a later date?

  • Documents are available online for 14 days from the date of purchase at no additional charge.
  • Click on the "Order Lookup” tab to submit your request.
  • You will need to provide the valid purchase email address and purchase confirmation number (from your purchase Receipt) to access your documents.

What software do I need to view ROA information?

  • A common web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, etc.

How can I save purchased documents?

  • Most web browsers have an inbuilt PDF viewer which allows you to view and save PDF documents. To save a purchased document, right-click on the PDF document and select “Save” or “Save as” depending on the web browser you are using.

What is an imaged case?

  • An imaged case is a Small Claims case in which all the documents in the case have been digitally imaged and can be viewed electronically on ROA Kiosks, computers, and other devices.

Does the Court maintain a physical case file on imaged cases that can be checked out and viewed by the public?

  • No.

What is the difference between the Small Claims ROA and the Court Index online applications?

  • The Small Claims ROA application contains the case details, parties, scheduled hearings, and summary of filings.
  • The Court Index application provides basic case index information such as case number, case title, filing date not just for Civil, Small Claims and Probate cases but also for Criminal, Family and Mental Health cases filed since January 1, 1974.

What is the difference between the ROA and the ROA Kiosk?

  • Both applications display the Register of Actions without charge.
  • The ROA online allows the viewing, printing, and downloading of documents for a fee.
  • The ROA Kiosks, available only at the Court, display documents for free, but do charge for document copies.